Mickey Mouse & Despair

Dispatches From Dystopia

So I am watching Mickey Mouse cartoons, preparing to drink some Decaf coffee, while beating myself up about not initiating sex with my wife after convincing myself that nothing bad would happen if I did. Now I am way deep in my head about this.

But the whole point of watching Mickey and Pluto is to take my mind off the nonsense I fabricated in my head and just enjoy these wonderful cartoons. I must say Disney put out the best cartoons of the Thirties through the Sixties, may be even later. They were heavy on the charm and light on the mayhem.

In my perfect fantasy world J would watch cartoons with me. I don’t expect her to watch W.W. II documentaries. There are only so many anyone can watch before one begins to question one’s sanity.

We have a really cute cartoon now Squatters’ Rights, with Chip and…

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