Thursday photo prompt: Worn #writephoto – Stairs.


“Here we are,” I announced, “the steps to the last medieval temple left standing. See how worn they are. Tells us how important this place is.”

“Well I’m worn out I know that,” she replied. “This was supposed to be a leisurely holiday viewing the ancient ruins of the country but no one said each one of them was up a confounded flight of stairs.”

“All part of the adventure,” I said, “Look this is the last one for the day, come on you won’t regret it I know you won’t.”

With great reluctance she took a step forward and with head down began trudging up the stairs mumbling to herself something I was glad was inaudible. Eventually after a lot of whining and moaning we reached the top.

“Well look at that,” I exclaimed.

“I’m looking,” she wailed. “It looks just like the four other sites we looked at…

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