Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Changing Perceptions

This morning, while we were waiting for the appraiser, the tiny “least chipmunk” dropped by the feeder. These little chipmunks look very much like their bigger brethren, but the are less than half their size. The birds are bigger than this chipmunk. There’s only one of them that comes to the feeder, or maybe only one at a time. I admit, I can’t really tell one from another. I think it’s a lady because she climbs up, gets to a feeder, loads up her cheek pouches with seeds, then skedaddles home to feed the babies. i’m just assuming there are babies. Mom looks very well fed. She came and went half a dozen times this morning. She’s not afraid of me, at least not like the birds are. She will watch me with the camera. She stares straight at me without even a little shiver.

I love the…

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