Will it Matter?


Will it Matter?

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! I’m sharing another poem with you all today – I hope you enjoy it.

Will it Matter

Will it matter in the end
If you’ve amassed a lot of things?
And Will anybody really care
If you lived life like a king?

Will it make a difference
In any kind of way
If you stayed at home most nights
Or went outside to play?

Will it really matter
If you’re as thin as one can be?
Would your life have been made better
If you’d’ve lived it calorie-free?

Will it matter, do you think
If you were always the prettiest rose?
And will anybody care a bit
If you wear the newest clothes?

The only thing that matters most
Is the kindness that you’ve shown
Not insignificant trinkets
And all the other stuff you own

So be kind to those around you
And be nice…

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