Good Nightmare. Bad Reality.

Mr. Johnson's Blog

Last night I was having a suspenseful dream. The reason for the suspense I cannot remember. The only reason I can remember anything about the dream is because Oprah Winfrey made an appearance. It was dark out. I was inside my home standing by an open window looking outside while holding my dog. Oprah was standing outside and ran to my window. “Your dog is so cute,” she said. She then gave my dog a big kiss on her lips. I remember thinking, ‘a billionaire is kissing my dog.’ A notification from my phone woke me up right then. I had forgotten to turn my phone to silent.

Canadians are stupid too. It’s easy to get the impression that Americans hold the title for stupidity because of the media exposure American news receives. There have been anti-mask rallies across Canada. Here are some of the highlights of the Vancouver rally:

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