Is it okay to lie to oneself?

Keep it alive

Do we lie to ourselves?

Are we always honest with ourselves?

Are we?

Being honest with others is easier than being honest with ourselves. Tell no lies, is the principle that we live with. Being truthful is a rule that we don’t break. To others.

But are we hundred percent truthful to ourselves too?

By lying to ourselves, I don’t mean that we tell ourselves that it is day when it is actually night. No, not outright lies. By this question, what I really am asking are we honest about our inner feelings, our insecurities, and our fears.

Do we hide the feelings of hurt or betrayal from even ourselves? Because admitting to them will give us more pain.

Do we think that something that has hurt us, if not accepted will not exist?

I think that we sometimes do it, especially if it concerns a loved one. Though…

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