A Simply Irresistible Combination

Caramel (Learner at love)

Since I was a child there is once combination of flavours that I have found very hard to resist – chocolate and coffee. To me…coffee in a cake or dessert is just divine. My sister Milly thinks I am nuts! That’s alright Milly, all the more cake for me if you don’t like coffee flavouring.

I am very glad to say that Irene  Irene, the creator of My Slice of Mexico, shares the same sentiments as I do! She has baked this magnificent classic Mocha Slab Cake. The chocolate batter had some strong coffee added to it, and the icing is a buttercream coffee and cocoa delight.  The cake was finished with chocolate shavings.

Mocha cake slice - My Slice of Mexico

And look at the size of Irene’s cake! That means there is enough for everyone to have a slice at THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ 2020 SUMMER PICNIC! If you are going to tell me you…

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