IndieAni Bones and the Dragon’s Lair

The Small Dog

It was a misty morning when she woke me. She was up and about earlier than usual… I wasn’t even awake when she started bustling about… and yet, when I’d had my breakfast and went for the leash, all I got was “Not now, girlie.” I ask you… what kind of a start is that to the day? “Don’t worry,” she says, “you’re going on an adventure.” Then she put some water and my bowl in her bag, dug out my seat belt and stuffed me in the car!

Well, she promised me an adventure, and I certainly got one! I thought I was going to see my canine mates, Gooch and Hardy, ‘cause we started off going that way. But no… we ended up in a car park with a big, long metal worm thing that was eating people. “It’s a train, you daft dog,” she says. Not reassuring…

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