How tight can you get?

Tallis Steelyard

How tight can you get
It was only the other day when I stopped to chat to old Niccan Tillovit. He’s one of those I think of as ‘the old gang.’ They were the wild young things when I was just a child. They set a standard of debauchery, they were the group that an even older generation fulminated against. In spite of the lives they led, it’s surprising how many of them are still alive.

What has often intrigued me is the number of stories about their antics that somehow never leaked out, or were hastily brushed under the carpet. Yet some of these things happened in public, lots of people saw them, yet nobody remembers and nobody talks about it. It is if there is a conspiracy of silence which encompasses all parts of society, from the richest to the poorest. It is almost as if the frolics of these individuals so horrified…

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