Birdwatching, Peace and Panic…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

One of the delights of a garden is watching the birds as they raid the bird feeders and feast upon the aphids. At this time of year, there are babies too, taking their first flight from the nest, still reliant on their parents for food and guidance.

Nick and I had spent much of the morning working in his garden and watching a young family of sparrows.

“How come,” asked my son, as the sparrows flew in around me to get to the feeders, “the birds don’t seem to be frightened of you?”

“Maybe they know they don’t need to worry.” There is another answer to that, but it would have taken too long when I was up to my elbows in roses. Whatever the reason, I count it as both a privilege and a gift that the birds do not seem afraid.

We sat outside and watched them over…

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