The Professional

Caramel (Learner at love)

Fashion, Person, Woman, Young, MaskIt will be expected that once I return I will be back in the robotic frame of mind that work requires. For that is what we do at work…we become automatons.

Sigh! Can you tell that putting on a mask and pretending to actually be concerned with factors that are more closely connected with remuneration than patient care is not something I relish?

Masks are a funny old thing. I find there are times when I feel safer behind the mask. There are other times when the mask is suffocating. The pretense becomes maddeningly abstruse. Why am I expected to conform to the mold of the mask?

Essentially because we are professionals! We have become experts within our field. Like a disciplined ballerina, trained to perfection, able to perform with exquisite grace and finesse, we have acquired an certain expertise. We know how to traverse and travail with grace.

Dress, Fashion, One, Lovely, PortraitYou…

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