Today is June 1st


White Bunnies, pinch punch, and all that.
Quiet day intended for us today, in fact, hopefully a quiet week as we are going to avoid everyone and be as anti-social as you can get.

Phoned in the weight this morning, and after a rocky week, the one that counts shows no change and I am still a pound within my target parameters. This is pleasing as we haven’t been walking the dog so often or as far, so exercise has been reduced.

It’s another sunny day, but we have a decent breeze so not uncomfortable. However, we will have to be careful going out because both of us catch the sun and burn easily. I’ve put Maggie’s blankets and towels in the wash again, and will be doing our own shortly.

Had a bit of bad news in the garden and our rhubarb root has died. The beans and tomatoes…

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