I in moans

Two on a Rant

Where am I?

Sitting at a desk I purchased in 1997, redesigned over the years by cat claws and duct tape.

Why am I here?

If you knew the number of times I’ve asked that question, you’d laugh.

I’m at my desk, typing on my computer, at 1:00 in the morning for one reason:

Did you know that if you scramble the word Insomnia you get: 

  • I in moans  
  • O man I sin

I’ll be doing editing for about an hour.  Writing is not an option.  At this moment, I have the creativity of a moth circling a light bulb.

When will I finally get to sleep?  I can guarantee it’s not going to be in the next 10 minutes.

Let me tell you what the night has been like so far.

  1.  Toss and turn wondering why I can’t sleep.
  2.  Go into the bathroom in an attempt to pee.
  3. Find…

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