My Donegal Garden – May 2020

Watching the Daisies

My poor plants have endured a long drought and a storm this past month, but happily they are still standing.

Views Across The Garden

Despite the lack of rain, there has been a huge spurt in growth:

In last month’s garden post I focused on Tulips and and shade loving plants. This month includes more information on Aquilegia and Alliums – two of my cottage garden favourites.


Aquilegia are adored by bees, and always remind me of the beautifully illustrated fairy books of my childhood by Cicely Mary Barker.

IMG_8803IMG_8785IMG_8784 (3)

Aquilegia are also known as Columbine or Granny’s Bonnets – a very fitting name for their bonnet like blooms.

They come in a variety of colour combinations both single and mixed:


Aquilegia self seed and can become invasive, but I love to see them planted in drifts, or adorning gravel paths, creating a nice relaxed planting scheme.

I also like…

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