Writing My Second Novel: Things I Have Learned About Myself #MondayBlogs

Lucy Mitchell

Writing my second novel has been a ferocious two-year battle consisting of two strong-willed opponents; me versus my mind.

My second novel (working title: Meet Me in Blue Cove Bay) is not finished by any means but one stage of this great battle has ended; after two years I have finally finished writing the story I want to tell. I have lost count of the number of drafts, total rewrites and revisions. That inner nagging whisper has gone. You know when your novel is unfinished and you keep getting this nagging whisper which says, ‘that book won’t write itself.’

More battles lie ahead of me; editing, revising, polishing, querying and finding a route for publication. As authors we never give up fighting until the physical book is actually in our hands.

The two-year battle against my mind has taught me a lot about myself which I thought I would…

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