“Hepatica Cluster”

Ed Lehming Photography

“Hepatica Cluster”“After a long winter, spring flowers offer much-needed cheer to our lives.” – Ed Lehming

Honestly, I don’t get tired of these lovely spring blossoms and their variations. The hepatica I have observed over the years go from pure white to shades of pink and purple, I suspect driven by the various minerals in the soil.

This year they seemed to bloom a bit early and I was very surprised to see a few clumps blooming even before the Bloodroots. There is a fairly set and predictable pattern to blooms but this year has been a bit different. It’s been cool but drier than usual. I’ve also been self-isolating and have held off spending much time on the trails, primarily driven by the guilt of it being non-essential travel. As the weeks passed I decided it was essential to my mental health and have been out a few times since.

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