Raising a smile

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

‘Rapunzel’ and ‘Aurora’, dressed in their pink satin gowns and flanked by the painted rainbows they had stuck to the window, bounced excitedly on the back of the sofa, smiling, waving and shouting, “Grandma!”… I could hear them from the car as I pulled up outside, grateful to have at least this much contact with them. While ‘Rapunzel’ seemed to understand that, for once, my arrival would not mean silly games and mischief, ‘Aurora’… two-year-old Imogen… just wanted the window between us opening so I could unwrap the chocolate bar she was brandishing… but she was happy to wait for her Daddy to do that while she and her big sister told me about the ladybird they had found in the garden and ask when I’d be allowed to come and play.

‘Rapunzel’… five-year-old Hollie … wanted to know where my Ani was. The friendship between the little girl and…

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