Obscure fertility rites

Tallis Steelyard

Obscure fertility rites

It has to be admitted that this city has a fair collection of half-forgotten fertility rites. It’s not surprising really, the inhabitants of Port Naain are descended from those who arrived from small villages situated all over the west and north. So as well as the traditional method of ensuring conception, we have many small rituals which some people swear to be efficacious. A lot of these rites are entirely innocent, stroking the flanks of a particular equestrian statue, hammering two coins together and dropping them over the side of the Roskadil Ferry, or even sleeping with the windows open on the nights of a full moon.

Other ceremonies are more ‘civic’ in their function. They cheer the populace, amuse children and remind us all that spring is here at last. In these commemorations rabbits and hares play a larger part than you might expect. But then both are notorious…

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