The Toilet Paper crisis of 2020: This butt shall be clean!

Okay, so this is late coming, but here goes! Back around March 12 my mom and I went to the store. We had NO idea that it was crazy out in the world. We went and found out that while we were being levelheaded and chill… the rest of the world had descended into madness. The shelves were empty. Like SCARY empty. There was no toilet paper (TP)… I guess we were lucky we got it at the other store earlier. I figured it would be okay because things would get refilled… people are just being stupid. It would calm down…

Fast forward two weeks and I still haven’t seen toilet paper. This is getting serious, there are 3 butts in my house. I start actively looking for it but no one has it. It’s not reappearing on shelves. Rumors abound that TP is made in China and we might not…

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