The ultimate accolade?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Pixabay

“… yeah, well, not everyone is a professional writer like you…” His expression turned to horror as he realised what he had said. “Oh sh…” My son muttered a profanity under his breath, probably hoping I would not register his words. No chance.

“That is coming awfully close to being another compliment, you know.” He had already slipped up once that morning when I had shown him the new design for The Initiate. His analysis was all I could have hoped for… then he asked where we had bought the cover. He seemed surprised to hear that the design was our own.

It doesn’t seem all that long since I plonked my first paperback on the table to be told that it ‘almost looks like a proper book’. And it is only a few months since my younger son finally admitted to having read one of them…

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