Runs In The Family: Part Twenty


This is the twentieth part of a fiction serial, in 825 words.

On a bitterly cold afternoon that December, Jarvis the butler heard the large bell ringing at the main door. He slipped on his formal frock coat, and went to open it. In front of him was a short girl, ginger curls bursting out from under her small bonnet, and a face white and frozen with the cold. She managed a cursory curtsey, and put down a cloth bundle as she handed him a letter. He saw it was addressed to Oscar Dakin, so showed the girl how to enter by the trades entrance at the back, telling her to wait in the kitchen.

Oscar read the letter twice, shaking his head. It was from Abraham, and introduced the girl as his wife, Aileen Mackenzie. She was the daughter of a tavern-keeper, and barely sixteen years old, almost half…

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3 thoughts on “Runs In The Family: Part Twenty

  1. Thanks as always, dear ladies. Please do not decamp to a nunnery. If you feel stresed, email me, and I will do my best to calm you. If all else fails, you can come to Beetley, and walk Ollie. That’s a good way to beat the ‘blues’. 🙂
    Best wishes to my good friends, Pete. x

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