Everything crumbles once time dries it up,
Music fades and songs stop playing,
Gardens wither and bees stop singing,
The songs of nature grow quiet
And the air falls
Into serenity, a graveyard slumber.

No wind or flow
Of water and melted snow,
No paint sticks on Picasso’s masterpiece,
Art and life all blended –
And poured down the drain.

‘No one stays long enough till Christmas’
No one stays long enough within these walls.
Everyone leaves,
Everyone finally goes and perhaps
It’s to a better place.

And this is the way
To forever be alone, with others by your side,
Every person a guest and everything a lend

Allan M. Kiptoo

My name’s Allan M. Kiptoo, a member of Budding Poets Collective in Kenya. I’m always trying new ways to express myself through poetry and stories. To get my other pieces here’s one of the links



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