The past is always tense, the future perfect #thoughts


I wrote this in 2014; not sure what prompted it then. A bit pretentious perhaps but not far from what I believe.

The quote in the title is from Zadie Smith – clever woman, that. And it’s what I understand when I think about Time’s parabola. We start out as little more than nothing, knowing nothing, understanding nothing and we fight through the ignorance of youth to some tipping point when we understand learning is not a fight but a gift; but as we grasp that truism we begin the slide back into the deepest ignorance, as the more we know, the more we understand we know nothing. And at the end of our life’s span we are as ignorant as that wee baby.

So the pleasure is surely inthe future, where we find out what we don’t yet know; the past is banked, tucked away in our memories to be drilled…

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