Retrace the Steps

The Stories In Between

I’ve reached that point

Monotony, routine, boredom

Morning after morning, afternoon – repeat

Evening, more of the same

Days blur, didn’t I just do that

No, that was yesterday

Same time, same motion, same result

Retrace every footstep, last year is this year

Again – repeat, yesterday was tomorrow

The dog blinks, waits patiently

Turn one light off, turn on another

Front door locked, back door locked

Another door sticks, slightly

The creaking echoes through a copy

Of every similarity that came before

Looped between days on top of days

Hour on top of hour

Minute on top of minute

Second on top of second

A slack-net beneath the tight-rope

Walk, one foot in front of the other

Repeat, balance, the illusion of safety

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