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‘Waiting, watching’

For my ambient, dark piece, ‘The Forgotten Daughter of Zeus’ as of now read, ‘The Forgotten Cheated Souls’. The more I hear about the greedy idiots who are stockpiling food while, for example, NHS staff don’t get a look in when it comes to visiting a supermarket after a long shift is over the more I angry I get. My music and words below.

Where have all the humans gone
Now the empty shelves, they have no worth?
Are they hiding in the shadows
Or still suffocating mother earth?

They’ll pay the price for selfishness
It’ll cost more than they think
Storing, hoarding, stockpiling
While the hungry poor die in a blink

Sharing nothing, taking everything
They get fat while others starve
No chance of them handing back
The last pig on earth they’ll cook and carve

It’s said time and tide waits for no one
I don’t…

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