A modest eccentricity.

Tallis Steelyard

A modest eccentricity

There are various stories which try and explain why Maljie left the lucrative world of usury. Some claim that she had attracted the envy of lesser minds who had combined to bring her down. Some stories claim that she made a fortune and retired to enjoy it. Yet other tales claim that she was tempted by new horizons, (one of these stories hints that she applied for the vacant position of hangman but was turned down for excessive enthusiasm). The one unifying factor in all these stories is that they are, without exception, wrong.

That is not to say there may not be an element of truth in some of them, indeed one or two almost seem to stumble upon the truth before somehow veering into wild hyperbole. But given that the world seems to enjoy immensely speculating as to exactly why Maljie changed careers, it strikes me that it…

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