Don’t Chase Followers. Make Friends

The Art of Blogging

Take a good look at this picture. It shows the map of all the folks who read this blog.

It’s a fun statistic. On the same page, you can see a number of other stats: the number of followers, shares, comments, page views…

Traffic, they call it.


But that’s you, if you come to think about it. One of those numbers is you. If you’ve commented a few times on my blog posts, your name appears in another statistic as a top commenter.

Are you a statistic? Just a number?

Aren’t you an actual person?

Aren’t you just like me? Like the person who commented before you?

Yet, somehow, it’s so damn easy to forget that our followers are real people.

And that’s when you make all sorts of mistakes. And that’s how you screw up. Big time.

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