The four elements

Stepping Stones

Some places are timeless.

Untouched by the ravages of modernity, they remain outside the normal order of things. Entering these spaces opens something primal within us; something we recognise, yet find impossible to adequately describe. Whether ancestral memory, a touchstone with nature, or simply a moment of peace far from the busy-ness of life, there is something beyond the everyday that makes us return time and time again.

There is an ancient fort a fifteen minute walk from the house. The first time you visit, it appears an impossible place to reach. It seems island like, cliffs plunge to the sea on all sides, and, even when quite close, it appears separate and distinct from the ground you are walking on. Something magical occurs, however, in the last few steps on the path. A narrow ismuth, completely invisible till the last moment, appears. Barely a couple of feet wide, it…

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