Bye-bye Facebook!

Author Kevin Cooper

It’s bad enough that my personal information and God knows what other details were compromised a couple of years or so ago along with tens of thousands, if not more, of other Facebook users. I deleted my account with Facebook back then. However, foolishly, a year later I decided to give Facebook the benefit of the doubt and another chance.

I created a whole new page which acquired almost a thousand likes, Got 5k followers, everything seemed to be going honky-dory until… Recently, I started getting comments from friends on this blog enquiring as to my messaging them through Facebook messenger. I never use social media messengers… Not even for family!

When I was told that my messages included scammer type material, promising all kinds of money and stuff like that. It became pretty clear to both myself and my blogging friends (Some whom have known me for years) that…

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3 thoughts on “Bye-bye Facebook!

  1. Facebook is a big disappointment. I left it when I started blogging almost five years ago.
    I have had friend’s photos copied by scammer and theives who start a fake Facebook account to “catfish” other innocent people. Facebook is fully capable of securing a person’s privacy and yet they don’t.
    I would never go back.

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