Thursday photo prompt: Still #writephoto


Thanks again to Sue Vincent for providing us with one of her personal photographs upon which to write a post or poem.
For visually challenged writers, theimage shows a peaceful and still pond, surrounded by green, with sheep grazing in the field beyond. The sky is blue and the branches of the trees are just beginning to show their leaves…
It was a tranquil day, one of the most perfect that Summer.
Apart from the occasional bleat of the sheep as they grazed, it was quiet and serene.
It was Cook who heard the first rumblings.
She looked out of the window expecting to see thunderclouds and a threatening sky, but all was as it should be so she went back to her pies.
The Master was in the library and felt the first shudder.
He placed his tumbler on the oak occasional table and removing his reading glasses…

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