Winter Rain

Through The Coloured Glass

It thundered into the night

and came pouring over my soul.

Droplets of life, winter rains… galore.

Sometimes I wonder if I write because it rains or does it rain so I may write. Anyway, whether it is the weather to get drenched or it is just about sitting in a warm blanket and seeing the droplets fall through the strokes of lightning. The not so far highway glistering with a river of moving lights – a traffic jam of sorts.

The nightjar is silent and the sky roars with thunder and the earth fragrant with petrichor. Standing in a mist of raindrops I feel as if nature washes away the winter gloom and freshens us up to welcome Spring. My soul drenched in rain speaks of freedom in whispers only the heart can hear.

I walk along

the cobbled path

hoping for time

to stop,

trying to hold on…

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