Of Some Concern

Stevie Turner

I read an article on my BBC News app this morning which is concerning for us all, I think.  A chap asked that rather large company we know so well  for a Data Subject Access Request to find out how much data about him had been stored.  Granted, he has various electronic gadgets dotted about the house, for example an Alexa listening device, a Fire TV set-top box, Echo speakers, Ring cameras, and a Kindle e-reader.

He discovered the results were ‘mind-bending’.  A file contained all 31,082 interactions which had taken place via Alexa and also all the audio clips.  Another file contained all the 2,670 product searches he had carried out since he started in 2017, including separate files for which device he had been using and also his location.  A third file contained details of all 83, 657 Kindle interactions, including the time of day for each tap. …

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