What do you see # 17- February 17, 2020


Thanks to Sadje for taking over this challenge since the sad loss of Hélène last year.

This week’s image credit is from Lisa Fotios- Pixabay
My name is Shaggy.
Every day I sit here on the bed and wait.
For him.
He’s a shy little thing, but he took to me like a duck to water as they say.
As you can see, I’m no duck.
I am special though.
Originally I was just a toy, but now I am more than that.
A surrogate if you like.
He will cuddle in close, content in his world knowing I am here to watch over him.
He snores too, though he wouldn’t admit it, but I don’t mind. He had a tough start in life.
Ignored, he was left to his own devices and trusted no-one.
Dirty, tired and afraid, they brought him home and that’s where I came in.

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