In a Vase on Monday: A Serendipitous Accident

Rambling in the Garden

I was checking the garden over on Friday, picking up stray twigs strewn around courtesy of Storm Ciara the previous weekend, when I ‘found’ another hellebore, H ‘Double Ellen White’, hiding behind a fern in the woodland edge border. Realising that if I had only found it by chance, our visitors would be very unlikely to see it, so moving it somewhere more prominent made sense. Although relatively small with just a single flower stem, the root system was bigger than one might have expected (perhaps explaining why it takes a few years for a small plant to reach flowering size), so it was not quite the simple task I anticipated. However, I also hadn’t anticipated how easily the stem could snap – which this did, despite gentle handling on my part.

Knowing I would be busy on Sunday when I usually prepare Monday’s vase offering, the opportunity of something…

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