Should I Stress, or Should I Rest? – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Sunday, and I am so exhausted. There’s a huge difference between laziness and exhaustion. We often declare we are lazy when, in truth, we are dead-dog tired. But are we feeling fatigued from the right activities? Are we filling our days with insignificant movements, or are we making strides towards reaching our fondest ambitions?

It is a balancing act. We push too hard, working to attain our goals, and discover we have become a workaholic in significant peril of burnout. They say we increase productivity when we rest, and recharge our batteries. However, resting on our laurels can lead to inertia, a break in our routine may derail our previous efforts, and picking up the pieces is discouraging. It’s difficult deciding what we need to do. I think I will write two hundred words and take a nap.

How do you decide when to push and when to rest?


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