First love

Beautiful, Jude…

tales told different

one look is all it took
one look that sent waves of emotion-
crashing into the shores of my barren heart
A fleeting gaze that lingered
sipping into the mind-
and plunging into the depths of my desperate soul
That simple tick in time- 
that shapes the course of a lover's destiny
I felt it, all through to my virgin core

that flash of recognition between yearning hearts
The hairs on my neck stood on end
and a chill shuddered through my body
a fever gripped me
an excitement drenched in delicious anticipation
Oh that feeling!
that lifts you up on clouds of elation
and drops you down deep wells of obsession
a feeling so overwhelming it suffocates
forces you to gasp for air
to swim to shore
a shore that is her
holding the promise of desire
the promise of love

one look is all it took to send…

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