Quick action……………..


It has been a nightmare afternoon.
Maggie had her vet appointment this morning and although we have no more antibiotics, we are to continue with the hibitane wash and loxicom/metacam for another week or so to keep the area clean. It is healing, but slowly.

Feeling quietly confident, we did a bit of shopping and when we got back to the car and loaded up, Maggie was violently sick.
When we got home, she threw up again on the front lawn, came indoors and had a long drink. We let her into the back garden where she started to eat grass and threw up again.
I got lunch but she was unable to settle, going in and out of all the rooms, pacing up and down and we could tell there was something wrong.

Hubby took her for a short walk and she was violently sick again.
She’d had no…

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