The saga of Auldwick with Cowperthwaite village hall.Part seven, the start of an awfully big adventure.

Jim Webster

Part 7 the start of an awfully big adventure.

Our steering committee was assembled in the conservatory at Ann Hodgson’s house. Normally our committee met in her kitchen but in honour of our greater numbers, she had put the conservatory at our disposal. Already I can see that the factions from Auldwick and from Cowperthwaite were coming together in unity. Rather than sit glaring at each other, Archie and Poppy sat side by side. Admittedly this was so they could glare at the younger new-comers, but still, I felt it was a positive move.
As well as the committee stalwarts, we had the vicar. She had a funeral visit but promised that she’d drop in if she could. We also had Young Geordie, but they had a cow calving so he too had promised to come when he could. Still we had Tess, his girlfriend, along with Joe Graham. Joe had a contented expression. Not only had two of…

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