The Ghost Ball


Last night, I had trouble getting off to sleep. Although I went to bed just after midnight, I had that feeling that sleep wasn’t going to come. Besides being unable to get the right level of heat in the bed, (too warm under the covers, too cold out of them) there was the constant sound of large numbers of geese flying overhead, honking away like car horns in some foreign city.

The geese were on the move, presumably heading away from whatever weather they dislike, to somewhere warmer and more suitable for their winter break.

By the time that aerial orchestra had stopped, I was half-sitting up, wide-awake, wondering whether or not to abandon attempts at sleep, and just get up again. Propped on my right elbow, in complete darkness, I suddenly heard a sound that I wasn’t expecting. The sound of a single ‘bounce’; unmistakably a ball, and almost…

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