The saga of Auldwick with Cowperthwaite village hall Part 2, ‘The Village Hall Meeting.’

Jim Webster

Part 2, ‘The village hall meeting.’

It was obvious we were going to have to do something about the village hall. Wendy over-insuring it had put an ‘unfortunate’ fire out of our reach. Still, it did strike me that a five year sentence for arson, with time off for good behaviour, might still be less of an ordeal than a village hall committee meeting. Not only that, but subjectively the prison sentence might not last as long.

As always the committee members from Auldwick sat opposite those from Cowperthwaite with both sides glaring at each other. The hall is not quite in either village, thus both villages feel relieved of any obligation to contribute to the maintenance, but both seem equally happy to blame the other village for neglecting their duties.

At the opposite end of the table from me sat Wendy. Living as she does opposite the hall she is the obvious person to be…

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