Children of The Tracks #MysteryMonday

Joan Hall

Hey, everyone. I’m happy to report my missing muse has reappeared. I wrote a bit on my WIP this weekend and sent three chapters to my critique partners.

I’m still behind in scheduling blog posts. In particular, research for Mystery Mondays has been lacking. I became aware of this week’s tale several years ago and had wanted to write about it for a while.

However, when doing research, I found the legend has been debunked. So maybe it’s not much of a mystery, but I’ll leave you to decide.

These tracks are not at the San Antonio ghost crossing. I took this photo in Jefferson, Texas – another place famous for paranormal activity.

Imagine you drive up to a railroad crossing. Before driving across the rails, you stop, kill the engine, put it in neutral, and wait.

But you don’t stay still for long. Within a few seconds, your car…

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