Writers: Attention Seeking Minor Characters – Blessing or a Curse? #WritingCommunity

Lucy Mitchell

Currently rolling my eyes at a minor character who has ideas well above his station.

There’s nothing worse than trying to write a scene and being distracted by some diva of a minor character who believes you made a big mistake when main character roles were handed out.

Some minor characters are born into your story knowing they are NEVER going to be centre stage and make it their fictional LIFE AMBITION to change this.

What I want to know is whether attention seeking minor characters are a blessing or a curse to us writers?

Attention seeking minor characters can be a pain. They can be hard to control and if left to their own devices they will frustrate the hell out of the writer and take the story in an unwanted direction.

Minor characters can also turn into sparkly objects, especially when things get tough in stories.It’s no surprise…

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