Stevie Turner

The Food & Drug Administration has issued a safety alert after reports that asbestos has been found after testing in certain make-up products sold by a UK high street accessory chain.  The eye-shadow and compact powder has been removed, along with any other talc-based cosmetic products.

Asbestos can be found in talc if the talc is not sufficiently purified, and talc is a common ingredient in many cosmetics to prevent caking.  Many mines that collect talc also contain asbestos, as the two minerals are found close together.

Asbestos is banned in the UK, but not yet in the US (asbestos has also been found in some US cosmetic products from one particular high street chain).  Buildings older than 20 years may still contain asbestos in floors, roofs, ceilings and walls, but if the asbestos is not disturbed it poses little risk.  However, if it is disturbed it releases tiny fibres…

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