How to tell if you’re queuing in UK, USA, Spain, India… #humor, #travel, #queueing

Barb Taub

Queue: a line of people, usually standing or in cars, waiting for something.—Cambridge English Dictionary

[Note: on my travels, I’ve realized the purest way to identify cultures may boil down to how they wait in line. I have now tested this theory in many places around the world, most recently on my current trip to India.]

Queuing Behavior—an ongoing international study

  • In the UK, where queuing skills are taught in the mother’s womb, queues require straight lines, with militantly precise space separating those waiting. Eye contact is frowned upon, and speech which doesn’t involve the weather or a dog is unforgivable. Any deviation will result in severe throat clearing and coughs. Severe. [image credit: Thrifty Theatre Thinker]
  • Contrary to popular belief, Americans do actually know how to queue (we just don’t always know how to spell it). Line appearance allows more random spacing and requires everyone to gaze at their phone, even if there…

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