Where’s My Writing Mojo? #MysteryMonday

Joan Hall

Hey everyone. It’s time for Mystery Monday. And you know what the mystery is?

Yeah, my writing mojo is MIA. Okay, no excuses but I probably scared her away. As some of you know, I returned to work last week after being off with the flu. Getting back into the swing of things and catching up on almost two weeks’ worth of work was bad enough, but on Tuesday afternoon, our department learned we were moving to a different location in the hospital.

So, I spent the rest of the week packing, cleaning out junk, and shredding some items I’ve been intending to shred for over a year. (Make that five years for some things.) However, we only moved across the hall and I love my new digs. It’s a much better set-up than what I had.

But with all that, I didn’t get any writing done last week. Not…

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