Courting Disaster

The Bag Lady

I looked it up, texted, and finally courted, so it is my fault. I refuse to accept I cannot do certain things anymore, partly because of my health, part my age and part where I live.

Still reading? Gold stars all around!⭐️

I was craving chocolate. Old women like me who live alone crave a lot of things I won’t go into here–and I heard that big sigh of relief.🙄

I always have more skim milk than I need, because I hate milk and can’t buy only a quart. So I thought, hey! (That was my first mistake). I could make chocolate pudding! I had a little baking cocoa from last year’s cake I made for my daughters birthday, and the rest of the ingredients most of us have in case we ever want to bake anything. I googled a recipe for using cocoa instead of using my regular cookbook…

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