Baby, it’s cold inside. #humor #plumber #winter

Barb Taub

Déjà Vu. There was something eerily familiar about being this cold. It was the last day of the year, the end of a decade and yet… I couldn’t shake the feeling we’d been there before. As I tried desperately to reach a plumber who hadn’t already started celebrating Hogmanay, I was pretty sure we had a better chance of seeing Nessie alive in Loch Ness than a live plumber on New Year’s Eve. [image Credit: Mylene2401 from Pixabay]

It was the last day of December in 1989. My youngest sister—visiting from California to see how the other half freezes—surveyed the driveway which had taken the Hub all morning to shovel the snow out of and taken the snow plow 3.5 seconds to plow the snow back into.

“So….what else do you do here in the winter?” It was an honest question from a native Californian who probably had to…

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