Scam! by Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner

Here’s the first part of a 20,000 word novella, which I thought I’d share with you all so that you can see my writing style.  I’ll add some more parts as the days go on…

Scam! by Stevie Turner

Copyright Stevie Turner December 2020


Lauren West and Ben Hughes are saving frantically for their forthcoming marriage and mortgage deposit.  When Lauren sees an advert online from a firm of brokers extolling the profits to be gained by buying and selling Bitcoins, she is interested enough to pursue it further.

Lauren clicks on the advert.  She is soon contacted by Paul Cash, a knowledgeable stockbroker whom Lauren trusts straight away.  He is affable, plausible, and seemingly genuinely interested in her welfare.  Lauren looks forward to making enough money to be able to surprise Ben and bring the date of their wedding forward, and also to put a deposit down on…

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