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Hello, SE friends! Welcome to the first Mae Day of December. As we transition into a new month and approach the end of the year, I thought it an ideal time to talk about “betwixt moments.” Think of them as transitional periods—those fleeting moments when time hangs suspended before hurtling into change. I’ve always been fascinated by these periods and often find they usher in creative gales. Not sure what I mean? These are some of my favorites betwixt moments.

The first tentative rays of dawn
The transition between seasons
The arrival of a storm front
The sliver of time between 11:59 and midnight
New Year’s Eve at midnight
The awe-inspiring cusp of a century. Remember how you felt on New Year’s Eve 1999?

In a few short weeks we’ll be transitioning to 2020.That isn’t just the cusp of a night/day, or even a year, but a decade. Think…

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