You Want Me To Do What?

This, That, and The Other

D2F03178-0A8B-414F-8C8B-FD3D38D61648As I prepare to have my head operated on around the end of the month, there are certain steps I’m required to take prior to the surgery. I must have an EKG to ensure, I suppose, that my heart can handle the stress. I have to have a bunch of blood tests, I suppose, to validate that my blood is red, good, and that there are no underlying diseases lingering. And I have to have a pre-operative physical exam from my primary care physician, I suppose, to confirm that I’m of sound mind and body.

I had the physical exam on Thursday and I apparently passed with flying colors. In fact, my doctor said that I’m in great health — for a man my age. I don’t know why she had to add that caveat about a man my age, but whatever.

Then she asked me if I had…

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